What is Bank On Yakima County?
Bank On Yakima County is a partnership of banks, credit unions, government, and community organizations. We work in local communities to bring low cost checking and savings accounts to our residents. Our goal is to help people keep more of their money for savings and building their dreams by offering access to low-cost, safe checking and savings accounts. We have partnered with banks and credit unions who have a commitment to help those who need it. Whether you need help in building a relationship with a financial insitution, help in another language, have an ID other than a state drivers license, or are looking for a second chance, we can help you find the right bank or credit union for you.
Why Do I Need an Account?

Seven reasons to open a bank account:

  1. It’s convenient.
  2. It won’t cost you any money to cash your checks. You can stop using check cashers.
  3. You can write checks to pay your bills. No need to buy money orders.
  4. You can’t lose money or have it stolen while it’s in the account. The federal government guarantees your money.
  5. You can take advantage of other services: direct deposit, online banking, automatic bill pay, and money transfers to family and friends.
  6. If you have money in your account, you can use a debit card to get cash whenever you need to.
  7. You can earn interest on money in your account.
Am I Eligible to Open an Account?

Bank On believes “Everyone Deserves a Chance.” If you do not have an account, you are eligible to apply for one through the Bank On program. Our bank and credit union partners will try to work with you regardless of past money problems, credit report, ID problems, or income. 

Even if you have declared bankruptcy in the past, you may still be able to get an account. Bankruptcy hurts your credit score, but a low credit score does not prevent you from having a checking account. In fact, having a checking account may be a great first step in helping you rebuild your stability and credit.


3 Easy Steps to Open Your Account

Find a participating bank or credit union in your neighborhood.

You can find a participating bank or credit union in your area by using the Bank or Credit Union Locator Tool. The bank or credit union staff will answer your questions and help you open your new account.

For more information, call 2-1-1.

Gather Your Materials

Don’t forget to bring the following items to your meeting with the representative:

  • A photo ID (Driver’s license, passport, Mexican Matricula card)
  • A second form of ID (Utility or cell phone bill)
  • Your social security number or taxpayer identification number
  • A list of questions that you want to ask.

Meet with a Representative and Open an Account

The person at the bank or credit union will walk you through the entire process. Present all your materials and ask all the questions you’ve prepared in Step 3. They can show you how to sign up for free money management training classes to help you get the most from your new account.